A draft of Communication and Coordination Action Plan (CCAP) 2016 - 2020

         A draft of Communication and Coordination Action Plan (CCAP) for periods 2016-2020 was developed in accordance with meeting outputs of the first Phuket workshop 2014 entitled “Workshop among ASEAN Countries on Opportunities for Regional Vaccine Security”. During the workshop, a particular issue of communication and coordination, one-fourth proposed potential areas for further collaboration was considered as an important foundation for the achievement of vaccine security in this region. The discussed issue was thereafter led to the conduction of the 2nd Bangkok workshop 2015 heading on “Follow-up Workshop on Collaborative Models for the effective Communication and Coordination among ASEAN Countries for Regional Vaccine Security”. This workshop aimed to establish concrete strategies and action plan of the effective communication and coordination in fostering vaccine security and self-reliance in this region. Ultimately, the CCAP will become a regional guideline for ASEAN countries in working together effectively and also increasing better understanding, perception and awareness on regional initiative of vaccine security and self-reliance, bringing more collaboration among relevant partners, including gain support and access of target population to quality vaccines for worthier health outcomes and well-being as envisioned message “A Healthy ASEAN Countries through Access of Assured Quality Vaccines”

          For interested persons, more details of a draft of the CCAP is now available and publicly accessible, please click here for download.
Details of CCSP.pdf